Monday, October 27, 2014

My Place

I needed a place. 

A place to organize and write down my thoughts and ideas. I have what you could call a thinking problem. I know that putting the whirling mass of ideas, thoughts, opinions, and daydreams into spoken word is something that I struggle with. I have always written things down a lot better than trying to communicate them from brain to mouth. I have so many things that I feel would be beneficial for me to get them out. 

I don't really expect this blog to become something people read. I don't mind if they do, but I don't have any dreams for it. It is mostly for me. So if you happen to actually read it please know that I am writing without any kind of filter. A filter that I would usually use in order to keep from offending, one that I use a lot in my other social interactions. I am  just kind of dump everything out here. And hopefully, by dumping things out, I can actually get a little bit of organization in my mind.

You see, I tend to picture my mind as a storm. A tornado of some sort. My thoughts whirl around and I get them a little bit at time until they are ripped from me and my focus moves to something else. They do circle around, but you can probably guess this makes things work out a lot slower than if I could keep one thought for as long as I wanted/needed.

 I think that's why writing is so helpful, because it helps pull my focus onto what I am thinking. The storm subsides and I can get an idea out. 

I don't exactly have a good past with blogs. My past is a graveyard of forgotten then deleted blogs. This I hope will be different, but guarantees are pretty limited. 

So that being said, this is the end of my first entry here. 

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